domingo, 19 de abril de 2015

Astromed Chavez Lopez

Welcome to the Project Astromed Lopez Chavez Here They may view photos Videos and More About the Creation of the machine

Simulation 1

Astromed Chavez Lopez Sensor

Astromed Chavez Lopez

Description :

Thinking about health situations as epidural anesthesia in space or remote locations.
We design and build an epidural locator with remote control.
Most of materials we use are parts of Toys to assemble of mechanical and electronic.
 To construct the sensor loss resistance (pressure drop) design and print on plastic which even nonexistent part, the other parts as a syringe and a three way stopcock are existing.
To check the operation and accuracy of the actuator, motion transmission mechanism, remote control and sensor use a mechanical model.
To test using a remote controlsimulation performed a trial. where were the youngest team members .for this they used a remote control, skype and anatomical model. 

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